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Former first round draft pick Cam Newton was involved in a car accident.

By: Jaden Jones-Watkins
Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton was in a two-car accident on Tuesday afternoon, which caused the truck he was in to flip 3 times.

Cam was near the Panthers stadium when he crashed and suffered two transverse process fractures.

Newton was sitting in the passenger seat, both him and the driver were taken to the hospital after the accident, there were no life threatening injuries.

ESPN -“A witness told the Charlotte Observer that Newton was “alert” but “in pain” at the scene of the accident. The injury suffered to Newton is the same back injury that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered earlier this season. Romo missed one game this season for the injury, however no timetable was given for how long Newton will be out, if at all.”

Veteran quarterback Derick Anderson will take over the starting spot if Newton is ruled unable to play in the week 15 game against the Buccaneers.

Newton was conscious and in fair condition while undergoing tests at Carolina’s Medical Center.

Fisher girls basketball coach Ken Ingold has finally got sought after win against El-paso Gridley.

By: Simon Corley
Fisher High School girls head basketball coach Ken Ingold has been in the business for 7 years now. He has played many different teams throughout the state of Illinois, and has accumulated 112 career wins over the years. But there has been one team Ingold couldn’t get passed in his 7 years, and that has been the El-Paso Gridley Titans.

Ingold says that EPG has always been “one nemesis that he couldn’t pass.” Once again Fisher took on EPG on Thursday night, and Ingold and his team were determined to finally get a W against the Titans.

The Bunnies started off on a hot 15-2 run that lasted the whole first quarter. The Bunnies were making just about everything they threw up, and playing some very stifling defense. Going into the second quarter, the Bunnies had a lot of confidence offensively, and defensively. But, the Bunnies shooting slowed and that defense became lax. After allowing only 2 points in the first quarter, EPG managed to drop 13 in the second, but the Bunnies still managed a 10 point lead going into half.

Coming out of half, EPG upped the pressure on defense forcing turnovers and getting easy lay-ups. And just like the second quarter, the Bunnies offense was slow after a hot start, only scoring seven points in the third quarter. With the score being 32-27 going into the fourth, the Bunnies knew they would have to play their best to retain the lead and win.

The Titans ended up coming back and tying the game mid way through the fourth quarter, but the Bunnies kept competing. The Bunnies got some key steals, and some big baskets down the stretch. Bunnies guard Courtney Delaney came in clutch in the final two minutes scoring all five of her points, and getting to big steals to finally seal the win for the Bunnies 42-39.

With the win, Ingold has now beat every team in the Heart of Illinois Conference. When asked who are some of the teams Ingold always has trouble beating other than El-Paso he said, “Tremont and Tri-Valley are always good, though teams that come to mind as some of the strongest. I’ve never seen a bad Leroy team either.”

With the win it gave the Bunnies their fifth win of the season as the Bunnies look to win their third regional in a row.

Which college teams frontcourt is taller than any other basketball team in North America, other than the Portland Trail blazers? Find out here with some of the other top college teams.

Jaden Jones-Watkins

This year in the men’s college basketball world, there are some every talented teams with some very talented freshmen leading the way. These are the AP top 5 teams and are the top picks to win it all at the end of the year.

At number 5, are the Louisville Cardinals. The Cardinals have a very young team coming into the season, with only two upperclassmen. As of right now, the Cardinals are 6-0, which is first in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Louisville looks to keep building and hopefully get a high seed in this years NCAA tournament.

At number 4, are the undefeated (8-0) Duke Blue Devils. The BLue Devils have to sought after freshman leading the team, with the point guard Tyus Jones, and the man in the middle Jahlil Okafor. Okafor leads the team in points averaging 17 per game, while Jones leads the team in assists, averaging 10 per game.

The Arizona Wildcats have the number 3 spot, with Freshman forward Stanley Johnson leading the way. Johnson is averaging 18 points per game this year while also leading the team in rebounds with 6.4 per game. They are 7-0 so far and are going up against a very good Gonzaga team on Saturday, who is ranked 9 in the nation and are are also undefeated at 7-0.

Holding the number 2 spot are the Wisconsin Badgers. 7’0  senior sharpshooter Frank Kaminsky leading the way. The Badgers will be a tough team to beat this season returning many key players from last years final four team. The Badgers are 7-1, with their loss coming from number 4 Duke.

And the number 1 spot goes to the team everyone is talking about, The Kentucky Wildcats. This is the tallest team in basketball besides NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, they are said to have the two best teams in college basketball with their starting five… and then there first five off the bench. This is an amazingly tall, talented and athletic team. Some ESPN experts even say that they could beat the Philadelphia 76ers in a 7 game series.

It is looking like a great year in college basketball this season, and these are only a handful of the teams to look out for in this upcoming year.

Boys Basketball Tournament Interstate Classic Tournament

By: Kenzie Delaney

The Fisher Boys Basketball team started their tip off tournament on November 24th. The Bunnies lost their first game to Tri-Valley ,48-47, after leading basically the whole game by double digits. The Bunnies fell apart defensively in the fourth quarter; and shooting 48% (16-33), from the free throw line doesn’t help anything. And also lost the second game on the 25th to Paxton, 61-40. The Bunnies just couldn’t get it together offensively or defensively all night. After two days off on the 26th and 27th, the Bunnies faced another 0-2 team in Armstrong-Potomac. The Bunnies jumped out to an early lead and never looked backed, as they won the game 61-53. On the cross over game the Bunnies played 1-2 Grant Park. The Bunnies fought hard and pulled out a very convincing win over the Dragons 63-35.

I interviewed Simon Corley to see what he thought about the team.

Corley said throughout every game the Bunnies have a lot of “motivation to keep playing hard as we can no matter the score. As a team we know not to give up, because that doesn’t just mean you’re just giving up on the game, you’re also giving up on the team.”

Before the games Corley was unsure of how the team would perform, Corley said, “The team was very nervous. With only two weeks of practice, I didn’t know if we were ready to compete at the level us, and our coaches know we can.”

Overall the Bunnies finished 2-2 in the tournament after starting off with two losses, and took home 5th overall.

NFL Teams get a Surprise Drug Check By The DEA

By: Jaden Jones-Watkins

The DEA payed a visit to three NFL teams this past weekend.  The DEA checked bags, questioned doctors, and made sure the medical staff was following procedures correctly when handling controlled substances.

These inspections went down as a part of investigation into former players’ claims.

It was said that these teams medical staffs and doctors were using drugs to keep their players on the field. Some of the drugs that the DEA were looking for are Percodan, Oxycodone, any other type of painkiller, steroids, and even sleeping pills.

By law only a physician or nurse practitioner can handle these drugs and in the NFL’s history there has been evidence that this isn’t always the case. According to an investigation by The Washington Post in 2013, painkiller abuse is a serious problem for many NFL teams. The investigation found that one in four players felt pressured to use medication they were not comfortable with.  Furthermore, The Post published that, “Players…swallowed prescriptions on almost a daily basis…without documentation.”

The DEA only checked the visiting teams to see if they would carry these drugs in the bags with them. The teams that were checked were the 49ers, Seahawks, and the Buccaneers.

There no illegal drugs found and no arrests. However look out for future drug checks by the DEA.

Bunnies Girls Basketball have high expectations after two straight regional wins

By: Kenzie Delaney
Ken Ingold has not only been a girls basketball coach for eight years, but has also been teaching for fifteen years. Ingold teaches Multimedia Broadcast Journalism, Speech, and also has a P.E. class. Ingold has always enjoyed being a teacher. He’s very passionate about what he does and loves using his teaching abilities for coaching.

As the basketball coach, Ingold feels very strong that the Bunnies will do well this season. He thinks the team has great “potential”.  Even though our numbers are very small with only 16 on the entire team Ingold says “The seniors and Toree is a good group to build around, and also we’ve won two regional championships and expects the same from the group this year.”

Ingold has always said there is three things that you always have to believe in your life. Ingold says “Pride, Passion, and Persistence is a key thing.”

Ingold says once the Bunnies start the tip off tournament, and get their season going they “will know where we are weak, and where we are strong at.” Ingold also said that the Bunnies will be “tired of practicing against each other, and will be ready to play tough teams and be ready and prepared for any team that is thrown at us.”

The Lady Falcon/Bunnie tip off Tournament starts Monday. The Bunnies kick things off against Unity Monday night, and follow it up with a game Tuesday night against Salt Fork, and another Wednesday night against Iroquois West. Once all games have been played there will be a crossover game between the two sides of the tournament to determine a champion.

Athlete of the Week

By:Alexis Hallden

Alyssa Chapman, a senior at Fisher high school, has played a big part on the volleyball team throughout the season.

Chapman is the middle hitter for Fisher Bunnies varsity volleyball team. Throughout the season Chapman has had a total of 75 kills, 21 solo blocks, and 26 blocks total; all of which are far above the national average.

Chapman has loved volleyball since she was a little girl “I started playing volleyball in junior high and have loved it ever since. It’s such a fun game to play and I always enjoyed being out on the court” Chapman said.

When asked about her thoughts on the season Chapman says that the overall the season didn’t go very well but it was fun to be playing on the court with her teammates. “Throughout our losing streak I would always tell myself that the games that are going to end up mattering, are the ones in regionals. Our team had great leaders on it, and their positive attitudes helped us keep our heads up through that rough time.”

In preparation for the upcoming games Chapman would remind herself and her team that all they needed to do was go out and play how they knew they could. “During the game I would think about getting the next point and trying my hardest to help the team out in any way that I could.” Instead of getting down about her mistakes, after the games Chapman would think about the things that she needed to improve on to be better for her team.

Recalling her last game Chapman describes the “bittersweet” feeling. “…There was a point while I was on the bench and I told myself that this was going to be the last volleyball game I will ever play in. I knew this point would eventually come but it was a really sad time”

Recalling her last season Chapman looks back on the team’s performance, “We didn’t have the best record but as our season went on I could definitely see an improvement within our team. I was very proud of the way we played against the hard teams because we always stayed with them and never gave up.”

With her last year of volleyball coming to an end, Chapman gives advice to her fellow student athletes “As a student athlete you should be mindful of your actions because you will always have people that look up to you.”


110th MLB World Series

By: Nolan Kuhns

In the 110th MLB World Series, the team from the American League was the Kansas City Royals, and the National League team was the San Francisco Giants. The world series went into all seven games this year and was definitely a nail-biter until the very end. The first game for the series was on October 21st, with Bumgarner pitching for the Giants, and Shields pitching for the Royals. In the first game the Giants beat the Royals 7 to 1 in 9 innings. The Giants were able to string out 11 hits in this game while the Royals could only get 4. In the second game, which was on the very next day, the Royals with Herrera on the mound were able to string out a 7 to 2 lead over the Giants who went with Peavy to pitch for them. The Royals put 10 hits up on the board and the Giants put up 9, the Giants obviously had a problem with not being able to push runners in with the low output that they had on offense. The third game in the series however was a much closer score output, with the Royals winning over the Giants 3 to 2. The Royals went with Guthrie on the mound and Holland came in and got the save, the Royals also put together 6 hits on the win. The Giants went with Hudson on the mound, and only got 4 hits in the game which unfortunately was not enough.

With the Royals leading the series 2 to 1 over the Giants, they tried to go ine the Giants weren’t gonna go down without a fight and put on a monstrous hitting game to topple the Royals 11 to 4 with 16 hits for the Giants and 11 hits for the Royals. Petit through for the Giants with Finnegato their last couple games with alot of confidence. However in  the next gamn throwing for the Royals. In the next game Bumgarner, behind his explosive Giants offense, shutout the Royals 5 to 0 with 12 hits for the Giants. The Royals went with Shields on the mound and they had a total of 4 hits. In game 6 the Royals needed to come back and win to keep their season alive and have a chance of beating the Giants for the title of World Series Champions.

The Royals came back with hot bats and good hands in the field, they shutout the Giants 10 to 0 and had 15 hits with no errors. Ventura got the win for the Royals and Peavy is the one who received the loss for the Giants. The Giants had a very off game only putting up 6 hits on the game with Peavy allowing 10 runs. With the series is tied 3-3, Royals had a lot of momentum going into game 7 with that last win and game 7 at home, but the Giants had a trick up their sleeve, and that trick was Madison Bumgarner. The final score of the game was the Giants over the Royals 3 to 2. The Giants pitchers were Affeldt, who received the win, and Bumgarner, who received the save. The Giants strung in 8 hits and that was just enough to get them a World Series Pennant. The Royals pitched Guthrie and had a total of six hits, they were close but yet so far as the Giants ran off with their eighth World Series Championship.

Bunnies Varsity Volleyball Regionals

By: Mackenzie Delaney

The Bunnies played an amazing game during the first round of Regionals defeating Judah Christian. But their season was brought to an end by number one seed, Blue Ridge, in the second round of Regionals.

The Bunnies were working together as a team throughout the entire first game. The team had good communication, positive attitudes, smiling on the court throughout the game. The Bunnies were cheering each of their teammates on at the end of every play which was a great thing to see. Highlights of the Bunnies game against Judah is Alyssa Chapman had many great kills,  Rachel Tobeck was very hot with her hits from the outside, and Jordan Deer had some great digs to keep the rally alive.The Bunnies beat Judah by working together very well and communicating great as a team. The final scores were 28-26, 21-25, and 27-25.

The Bunnies didn’t quite work as a team as well as they did against Judah when they played Blue Ridge the Following day. The team as whole weren’t communicating with each other, they weren’t in position, and all around just didn’t have it. Some individuals did many good things to try and help the Bunnies win. Jordan Deer had quite many good passes and also a lot good serves,  Alyssa Chapman had some nice hits and kills. Blue Ridge’s number 16 Gabby Pearl has a lot of potential and could possibly play a lot of college volleyball. Pearl was very good at killing the ball and had some good hits at the right time. Towards the end of the second match the Bunnies tried to pull it together but came a couple points to short to finish it off. The final scores were 12-25, and 21-25. In my interview with Courtney Delaney I wanted some highlights or her thoughts of what might happen in the games as regionals begin.

Courtney said she thinks as a team they have the potential of winning, “but to win we would have to play our very best game.”

Courtney was asked, what types of things did you think the team did well on tonight during the game Courtney said, “A few of us had a good hitting game.”

Over all throughout regionals the Bunnies did very well as a team. There are many things the Bunnies should be proud of and should feel accomplished by. Yes some things more than others should be worked on, but the season ended on a very good note.


Athlete of the Week

By: Alexis Hallden

With the volleyball team moving on in the Regional’s tournament, Rachel Tobeck is preparing herself for the upcoming game.

Tobeck is the left side hitter for the Fisher Bunnies. With a total of 72 attack kills for the season so far, and has become a very important player for the team.

Looking forward to Tuesday’s game, Tobeck says that playing with Tri-Valley and Demack, both losses, helped the team to play at their own pace and to play at their level. “If we play like we did the week before last, we’ll do well” says Tobeck.

Before a game Tobeck tries to get her mind in the right place and reminds herself that it’s just a game and to go out and have fun. “I also try to think this way during the game because once we have more fun we play better as a team and individually. After the game I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s just a game and we’re here to have fun. We’re here to play as a team and play for our school and have school spirit” says Tobeck.

For all players it’s hard to stay positive when the team is losing. “Playing as a team and just playing with the girls really motivates me to make the next pass, the next kill, the next serve.” Instead of giving up, Tobeck tries to remember that as long as the team plays their hardest, that’s what counts.

Although the season didn’t go as the team wanted to, Tobeck says she is proud of her team and believes that “if everyone is able to come together as a team and focus on not playing for ourselves, but for our team and for our school, we will be able to conquer anything that comes in our direction.”

Looking back on her past four years of playing volleyball, Tobeck has always tried to be a leader and to be there to help her teammates whether it be in sports, at school, or if someone’s just having a bad day.

A piece of advice shared by Tobeck is to enjoy your four short years of high school, “… it’s easy to say ‘oh this isn’t going to matter’ but you are going to look back on these years; so my main advice is to have fun and enjoy the moment while it’s here.”

9 reasons to be excited about this years NBA season.

By: Jaden Jones-Watkins

This years season should be a highly anticipated season for these 9 reasons.

As every sports fan should know by now LeBron James is now back home in Ohio, but he’s not alone this time. He will be playing alongside lethal 6’10 shooter Kevin Love and the ball handling wizard Kyrie Irving.

The Phoenix suns have added the 5’9 Isiah Thomas who averaged 20 points last year in Sacramento he will be playing with high flying Gerald Green and the very crafty Goran Dragic.

5 time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is coming up on his last few years in this league. It will be interesting to see how he does with these young fresh superstars.

This years class of rookies is said to the best since 1997 which included players like Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Ray Allen. This years class standouts are Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Doug McDermott, and many others.

The old sharpshooter Steve Kerr who played, alongside one of the all time greats Michael Jordan, will now be the coach of the Golden State Warriors. Many believe Kerr will be a good fit in The Bay considering he will be coaching the best Shooting back court in the NBA as argued by ESPN experts. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson sport a 42.4% and 41.7% three-point field goal percentage respectively.

The 2010 MVP Derrick Rose will be returning after battling numerous serious knee injuries. Many say he will return better than he’s ever been. And this year Rose will be playing along side the 2014 college player of the year Doug McDermott and 2 time NBA champion from the Lakers, Pau Gasol.

After leading the USA basketball team to gold, NBA all-star Anthony Davis will be playing with the New Orleans Pelicans and many experts will argue that he is in the best shape he’s ever been in. The young shot blocking superstar is ready to lead his team to a deep playoff run this year.

Kevin love will be joining Kyrie Irving and LeBron James in Cleveland. The Cavaliers will be this seasons “Mega Team” an almost an unstoppable combination of shooting, dribbling, and strength.

Derrick Fisher is the new head coach of the New York Knicks. he will be coaching the 7x NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony in his 11th season in the NBA. This will be Fisher’s first year coaching, after playing 18 years and winning 5 championships with numerous teams around the NBA.

The NBA season is finally back and it is time for basketball season!

Playoff hopes denied

By: Brett Cagle

The Fisher Bunnies football team fought hard in a 62-50 defeat Friday night to Dee-Mack. They are now knocked out of playoff contention with the loss, but they still have something to play for next week when the neighboring rivals Gibson City comes to town. With Gibson winning the rivalry game the last two years the Bunnies would like to bounce back with a win. A win against Gibson would almost guarantee that they would be knocked out of the playoffs themselves.

On offense Fisher was carried by Aaron Carter (Jr) with 209 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Quarterback Bryce Burk (So)  played a solid game himself throwing a touchdown pass to Tight end Drayton Purvis (Jr). The Offense was clicking on all cylinders Friday night with a nice combination of running and passing.

On defense Fisher struggled giving up an astonishing 60 points. Senior Linebacker Jacob Franklin (Sr) did his part piling up 14 tackles Friday night. But that was not enough as Dee-Mack just piled the points up.

Athlete of the Week

By: Alexis Hallden

Every now and then its nice to have hard work rewarded. Thanks to ten hours a week at the golf course and his personal best regional score of 82, Max Harmon, a sophomore at Fisher High School, went on to play in the 2014 Sectionals on Tuesday, October 14.

Max Harmon first became interested in golf as an eight year old just out playing with his dad. Eight years later Harmon was the only Fisher golfer to compete in Sectionals.

When asked about his performance at sectionals, Harmon says he thinks he could’ve done better at but is happy with his score of 97.

Looking back on the season, Harmon says “I am very satisfied with the season and how the team and all individuals did and how much we improved… I was very satisfied with that.”

‘Play 4 Prince’

By: Jaden Jones-Watkins

On August 29 senior running back Prince Gbeddeh, from Rock Island High School, went down with a dislocated knee injury.

Prince is a student at Rock Island High School, where he is also a key player for the Rock Island varsity football team. In the second quarter of Rock Island’s season opener again Peoria Manual Prince suffered a dislocated knee. After being rushed to the hospital it was determined that Prince had ruptured an artery in his leg.

Fortunately before Prince lost too much blood doctors were able to repair the artery and restore function to kidneys and lungs. Prince, who was held at OSF St. Francis medical hospital, spent 20 days in the Intensive Care Unit.

Prince and his family are originally from Liberia and moved to Rock Island in 2008; and Prince became a U.S. citizen in 2012. He is not just a full time student athlete he also works two part time jobs to help support his family, one being at Hy-Vee the other at Burger King.

Princes injury has been a turn for the worse in he and his family’s lives, he has lost the option to play college football and on top of that, his medical bill is expected to exceed $500,000.

To offset Prince’s medical bill the ‘Play 4 Prince’ movement has appealed to many high schools in the state of Illinois and will be collecting donations from, students, coaches, teachers, and players.

The schools who take part in this movement will be notified the condition of Prince and the final outcome of the injury and the medical information. The organization will be collecting pictures of the football teams who helped for a scrapbook being made for Prince and his family. Everyone is encouraged to take part and help this family in need.

Fisher’s Max Harmon advances to sectional

By: Gabe Sapp

The Fisher golf team took part in one of the IHSA regional golf tournaments last week.  Max Harmon, who advanced to sectionals, shot an 82, Brett Cagle shot 113, Spencer Deer shot a 127, Connor Zook shot a 130, and Daniel Hauser shot a 148. Two of the members of the Golf team who were supposed to participate could not make it because of other events. The Fisher golf team took last in the regional, but some of their golfers shot season bests and competed good.


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