Fisher FFA Week Celebration; sheep, chickens, pigs, peacock, donkey, cow, and of course Bunnies!

By:  Alicia Dowda
The Fisher FFA celebrated a fun-filled National FFA week with agriculture education, lively competitions and a petting zoo that any county fair would envy.

The purpose of FFA week is to celebrate the organization and how important it is to the world. “All chapters form the United States are celebrating at the same time, we are pretty much the best organization in the world and it gives us a little bit of fun,” Fisher High School FFA advisor Mrs. Barling said.

FFA week took place February 22-25. The members of FFA worked very hard to get everything together in very little time.

“We plan FFA week by getting the officers together and think about things we may want to do. Then, we present it to the members and vote on it and create committees to fulfill the activities,” Mrs. Barling said.

Barling also explain that agriculture is the largest industry in the world, 1 out of every 4 people has a job in the agricultural industry in Illinois. FFA helps over 600,000 people learn about leadership, speaking skills, social skills as well as career skills.

During FFA week Fisher FFA members brought animals and created a petting zoo for the elementary children. The members also sponsored games that were played by high school student during lunch.

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The week was focused on enjoyment for the Fisher FFA. “I took a break from teaching and we just had fun in my classroom to celebrate,” Barling stated.

FFA provides many opportunities for students who get involved.

“Students should be in FFA because A. it’s fun and B. it’s going to give you life skills that you’ll be able to use even after high school, you’re going to be able to use those skills for the rest of your life,” sophomore Sophie Hortin said.