Thanksgiving Preparations

By Garrett Dyson

It’s that time of year again! Fall is still lingering about, not ready to submit to winter. That means that Thanksgiving is well due, but when exactly is the time to get ready? Don’t fret, the next few paragraphs will describe almost everything you need to know and when you need to start preparing everything.

Even if you don’t plan for Thanksgiving it would still benefit you to read these next few sentences about preparation for Thanksgiving. One month before Thanksgiving you should finalize your guest list if you have decided to host Thanksgiving this year. Also, a month before, you should plan your food menu. Three weeks before, you should shop for the things you need for the big day. Finally, one to three days before Thanksgiving prepare all food.

An arguable statement about Thanksgiving is religion. Thanksgiving is rooted in the history of the pilgrims, who were Christian separatist. However, Thanksgiving today is not considered a Christian holiday but rather an occasion to gather with family and friends, eat food, watch football and parades, and be thankful for the blessings of life.

The last thing people wonder about is modern Thanksgiving compared to the first Thanksgiving. Native people of North America have held ceremonies to give thanks for a successful harvest. In modern days, people come together with family rather than the community. As you can imagine the food, beverages, and activities were probably a lot different back then than today’s Thanksgivings.

“Everyone should celebrate Thanksgiving the food is fire and hanging with family is awesome as well” says Courtney, a Freshman at Fisher Jr/Sr High School.

“Thanksgiving is when you come together with your family. I think of food and decorations when I hear the word Thanksgiving. I think everyone should celebrate Thanksgiving” says Alicia, a Freshman from Fisher Jr/Sr High School.

Hopefully, if you were struggling with what to do on Thanksgiving, you now know what to do months before, and days before Thanksgiving has even started. If you were looking for religion on Thanksgiving and the first Thanksgiving verses modern Thanksgiving this article sheds a little light on the subject. Have a happy Thanksgiving!