Fisher girls basketball coach Ken Ingold has finally got sought after win against El-paso Gridley.

By: Simon Corley

Fisher High School girls head basketball coach Ken Ingold has been in the business for 7 years now. He has played many different teams throughout the state of Illinois, and has accumulated 112 career wins over the years. But there has been one team Ingold couldn’t get passed in his 7 years, and that has been the El-Paso Gridley Titans.

Ingold says that EPG has always been “one nemesis that he couldn’t pass.” Once again Fisher took on EPG on Thursday night, and Ingold and his team were determined to finally get a W against the Titans.

The Bunnies started off on a hot 15-2 run that lasted the whole first quarter. The Bunnies were making just about everything they threw up, and playing some very stifling defense. Going into the second quarter, the Bunnies had a lot of confidence offensively, and defensively. But, the Bunnies shooting slowed and that defense became lax. After allowing only 2 points in the first quarter, EPG managed to drop 13 in the second, but the Bunnies still managed a 10 point lead going into half.

Coming out of half, EPG upped the pressure on defense forcing turnovers and getting easy lay-ups. And just like the second quarter, the Bunnies offense was slow after a hot start, only scoring seven points in the third quarter. With the score being 32-27 going into the fourth, the Bunnies knew they would have to play their best to retain the lead and win.

The Titans ended up coming back and tying the game mid way through the fourth quarter, but the Bunnies kept competing. The Bunnies got some key steals, and some big baskets down the stretch. Bunnies guard Courtney Delaney came in clutch in the final two minutes scoring all five of her points, and getting to big steals to finally seal the win for the Bunnies 42-39.

With the win, Ingold has now beat every team in the Heart of Illinois Conference. When asked who are some of the teams Ingold always has trouble beating other than El-Paso he said, “Tremont and Tri-Valley are always good, though teams that come to mind as some of the strongest. I’ve never seen a bad Leroy team either.”

With the win it gave the Bunnies their fifth win of the season as the Bunnies look to win their third regional in a row.