Fisher High School Joins the Illinois Heartland Library System

By: T. Hamton Gadel

Fisher High School recently joined the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS), a consortium of libraries in central and southern Illinois.

The system connects 545 libraries across 28,141 square miles, serving a population of over two million (source: This allows the libraries to share books, DVDs, and other media among each other.

Fisher joined IHLS because the school would have lost its interlibrary loan privileges. In order to join the system, every book had to be pulled off the shelf, fitted with a new barcode, and manually entered into the computer.

Despite the lengthy entry process, school librarian Mrs. Kelly Friedlein believes it was worth it, as students can now view their own account information, place holds, view what books they have rented, and renew their books.

As for what the students should do first with the new system, Friedlein recommends that they “try their own searches and get comfortable with the system.”