NFL Teams get a Surprise Drug Check By The DEA

By: Jaden Jones-Watkins

The DEA payed a visit to three NFL teams this past weekend.  The DEA checked bags, questioned doctors, and made sure the medical staff was following procedures correctly when handling controlled substances.

These inspections went down as a part of investigation into former players’ claims.

It was said that these teams medical staffs and doctors were using drugs to keep their players on the field. Some of the drugs that the DEA were looking for are Percodan, Oxycodone, any other type of painkiller, steroids, and even sleeping pills.

By law only a physician or nurse practitioner can handle these drugs and in the NFL’s history there has been evidence that this isn’t always the case. According to an investigation by The Washington Post in 2013, painkiller abuse is a serious problem for many NFL teams. The investigation found that one in four players felt pressured to use medication they were not comfortable with.  Furthermore, The Post published that, “Players…swallowed prescriptions on almost a daily basis…without documentation.”

The DEA only checked the visiting teams to see if they would carry these drugs in the bags with them. The teams that were checked were the 49ers, Seahawks, and the Buccaneers.

There no illegal drugs found and no arrests. However look out for future drug checks by the DEA.